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Swansboro Middle School Band

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  Welcome to the Swansboro Middle School Band Program!


Below are a few items that all parents and students should know. Please keep in mind that, unfortunately, students are not used to hearing the instruments they are learning to play. With all of today's technology there is no excuse for children to miss out on professional recordings of their instruments. I have attached a list of professionals that students should listen to in order to model tone quality and other musical characteristics. The list is in the "files" page above.


  1. Band students have a performance assessment each week. In order to be prepared, students should practice every day. These grades are 40% of their overall band grade. 
  2. Each day, the students copy a rhythm from the board and write in the counts. On Friday, I collect the "Rhythm Sheets". I only collect one page from each student. It is  imperative that the students bring the same paper to class each day. Just in case someone missed a day... I will post the rhythms for the week in the "Files" page above. Rhythm sheets and other written work is 20% of their overall band grade.
  3. Participation and Performance. Each student must have an instrument, pencil, book, and music each day in class. Participation and Performance is also 30% of the overall band grade.
  4. Please take the time to listen to your children play their instruments sometime during the week. This helps you be aware of their progress. This also gives students a little more incentive to practice.
  5. All parents with a computer- please consider purchasing Smartmusic- visit for more details. I use it every day in almost every class. This will greatly enhance their learning, preparation, and enjoyment.
  6. Checking this website regularly is key- especially the "Weekly Objectives" section of the my staff page. (Philip Smith). This section will tell everyone exactly what the students will be tested on, as well as, the concepts and objectives that I will be listening for as I evaluate their performance.

If you have a question that is not answered here, most will be answered somewhere on this website. For example- The band handbook is in the forms page, copies of the all-district scales and the solo list is in the files page. The staff page has a supply list, weekly objectives, and director information.