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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes..... Art is knowing which mistakes to keep.

You are always being watched.
You are always being watched.

Welcome to the art room everyone. If you are enrolling in art class, please make sure to always have a pencil with you. We will be creating a classroom Edmodo page where we will post projects and ideas throughout the year. We will sign on too this page together during the first few days of class.

6th grade group = i2386w

7th grade group = pn2aqp

8th grade group = c9vv8h

SPAC = u52egj

Bring your ideas and creativity as well as any artwork from home you would like to share.


2016-2017 Art Room Schedule


7:20 - 8:14 = 7th Grade Art

8:18 - 9:07 = 7th Grade art


9:11 - 10:00 = 6th grade art

10:04 - 10:53 = 6th Grade art


10:57 - 11:46 = 8th Grade Art

11:50 - 12:39 = 8th Grade art


12:40 - 1:10 = Art Lunch

1:11 - 2:25 = Art Enrichment


There are also opportunities throughout the year to stay involved in the arts. 

8th Graders are allowed to stay in for lunch and continue their creations.