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Howard, Crystal Assistant Principal
Mabry, Jacob Assistant Principal
Childress, Vikki Principal

Blue, Craig Athletic Director & Physical Education
Brown, John Science- 7th
Bullock, Kimberly Science- 8th
Caraway, Debora Business & Computer Technology Education
Chasteen, Don Computer Technology Education
Cole, Terry Social Studies - 7th
Collins, Rosemary Exceptional Children
Correll, Susan Science /ENVISIONS- 6th Grade
Cronk, Jeff Math - 6th
Faasii, Jennifer Language Arts/Social Studies
Flint, Michelle Computer Technology Education
Getsinger, Kay Social Studies - 8th
Heintzelman, Ashley Math- 7th
Lott, Ashley Exceptional Children
Matras, Carolynn Social Studies - 6th
Matthews, Ellen Math - 6th
Meyer, Rheta Language Arts- 7th
Miller, Jay Science - 8th
Mitchell, Kelly Digital Learning and Teaching Facilitator
Morris, Cynthia Math - 7th
Nelson, Nalani Exceptional Children
Oqueli, Abby Language Arts - 7th
Paetzold, Elizabeth Math- 7th
Ricci, Christine Science -8th
Salomon, Claudia Spanish
Sheehe, Elizabeth Social Studies and Language Arts - 7th
Sill, Brianna Science- 7th
Smith, Philip Band Director
Starlin, Janell Language Arts & Social Studies - 6th
Starlin, Mark Science - 6th
Styons, Alie Social Studies- 8th
Taylor, Chrissy Exceptional Children
Timm, Marian Language Arts - 8th
Torres , Kelsey Language Arts- 6th
Trees, Sean Social Studies - 7th
Viszneki, Kristen Chorus/Drama
Wilson, Jeff Physical Education
Wright, Michelle Math & Social Studies - 8th
Zimmerman, Kimberly Orchestra

Bolton, Michele Teacher Assistant - EC
Brown, Aisha Teacher Assistant - EC
Davis, Lynn EC Assistant
Donnelly, Mary Teacher Assistant- EC
Flowers, Denise Receptionist
Head, ShaNecia 6th Grade Office/Media Center
Jackson, Carrie Guidance Counselor
Lee, Sherry Administrative Assistant
Navarro, Emily ISS Director
Phillips, Preston Head Custodian
Reynolds, Leslie School Social Worker
Rush, Keith IT
Sewell, Becky NCWise Data Manager
Sweeting, Michelle Media Coordinator
Thompson, Bobby Custodian
Ward, Tiffany Guidance Counselor
Weldon, Elnora Custodian
Wethington, Kim Cafeteria Manager