Auditions for our Holiday Dinner Theater Show  

We had 84 students come out to audition for our latest musical production!  Way to go students!  You ALL did an outstanding job!


Come out on December 1st/2nd to see our show!  This is one not to be missed!!!

Goals at a Glance...  

For the week of September 18-September 22 

Piano Classes- students will begin to play hands together in C position; learn how to interpret C position notes in both clefs; 6th grade will explore culture and ancient music; 7th grade will explore global music; 8th grade will explore Ragtime and early Jazz music.


Chorus Classes- further lyrics study with ? about theme, character, mood; interpret rhythm notation and begin treble clef sight singing using numerals; 6th grade will explore breath control, will begin correctly reading through and singing in 2 part music; 7th grade will explore consistent tone, global Choral music, and 2 person short scenes; 8th grade will explore applying dynamics to familiar music, American modern music, and short monologues expressing a feeling

Supplies needed for Vocal Music and Piano Class  

You will need the following for Vocal Music/Performing Arts class or General Music/Piano class for the Fall 2017 semester.

Composition or single subject notebook, pencils, pens (assorted colors), markers, highlighters, glue sticks and scissors Donations of ANY of these items is greatly appreciated!